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New Mixed-Use Apartment Complex to Replace Office Building at Prominent Hackensack Intersection

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A new six-story, mixed-use apartment complex is set to be built at the corner of Main and Atlantic streets, replacing the current three-story office building. The location is a major intersection in Hackensack that connects two of the city’s primary thoroughfares, and is close to significant residential, retail, and cultural sites, including the Hackensack Performing Arts Center and the Print House mixed-use riverfront development.

The new development will feature 66 one- and two-bedroom units, as well as 4,600 square feet of retail space, with an eye towards creating an active, walkable downtown for the city. Albert Dib, the city’s director of development, has said that the unusually wide sidewalk on the Atlantic Street side of the development would be well-suited to heavier pedestrian use and ideal for outdoor restaurant seating.

Officials hope the intersection and Atlantic Street will eventually serve as a pedestrian thoroughfare, linking to the planned walkway along the Hackensack River, retail stores and restaurants in the Print House development, shopping and dining along Main Street, and Atlantic Street Park and the Hackensack Performing Arts Center to the west.

This new development is a part of Hackensack’s efforts to revitalize its downtown area, with the city aiming to create a more pedestrian-friendly environment with a diverse mix of businesses and cultural offerings. City officials have expressed hopes that this new development will play a key role in that revitalization effort."

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