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Bergen County Sheriff's Office Receives State Grant to Combat Gun Violence

bergen county sheriffs office grant

The Bergen County Sheriff's Office is among 20 law enforcement agencies in New Jersey that have been granted funds to enhance their technology in the fight against gun violence. The state Department of Law and Public Safety has awarded a total of $7 million, with the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office receiving $336,500. These grants enable law enforcement agencies to purchase gunshot detection technology, aiding first responders in swiftly delivering medical assistance to shooting victims and facilitating the rapid identification and apprehension of shooters.

The grants are part of Governor Murphy's Administration's allocation of federal American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds to support state, local, and tribal governments in their response to the COVID-19 public health emergency. Violent crime, including gun violence, is recognized as a public health challenge exacerbated by the pandemic. The New Jersey State Police received the largest allocation, amounting to $1,985,671.

The grant program targets law enforcement agencies in areas experiencing an increase in violent crime, gun violence, and auto theft. The funds are designated for the purchase or enhancement of an integrated network of acoustic detectors, video management technology, and automatic license plate readers. This combination of systems allows for faster aid to gun violence victims and helps law enforcement identify and apprehend shooters more quickly, reducing retaliatory violence.

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