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A Zen Approach To Fitness with Kaizen Fitness

Christopher David, who owns and operates Kaizen Fitness Health and Wellness on Main Street in Hackensack, may be a first-generation business owner, but his dedication to his clients is old school indeed. David began his career as a trainer in 2015 and loved establishing and maintaining relationships and helping clients reach their fitness goals. “Helping hundreds of people cultivate a mindset to achieve mental and physical strength is perhaps the biggest hurdle yet most gratifying experience I’ve had,” Davis says.

Kaizen Fitness, established in 2020, was born of David’s passion for people, health, and wellness. Even though he started his business during Covid, business at Kaizen soon picked up as many clients sought out exercise as a way to cope with pandemic-related stresses. The business’ message of lifestyle change over quick fixes appealed - and still does - to people from all walks of life, and David and his staff of five keep busy in the gym and outside of it, ushering their clients through mental and physical transformations through a variety of forms of fitness.

Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning “continuous improvement through working practices” or “change for the better,” and that ethos permeates every client interaction. David believes that fitness, health, and wellness are forever, not temporary and that achieving long-term success means manifesting a continuous improvement mindset and practice. There is an expectation of commitment to good health, fitness, and eating habits, and that clients will work on both getting and staying in shape.

What sets Kaizen apart from other fitness providers is the attentiveness they give to their clients; trainers work with clients to create attainable goals the clients can work towards and achieve. Trainers value their clients' fitness progress, and they celebrate accomplishments small and large.

David looks to the future every day; his desire and ultimate goal is to be the leading fitness provider in Bergen County and getting there is a battle in its own right. His training team is currently five members strong, with a sixth person coming aboard this week. Kaizen offers private one-on-one training sessions or semi-private training in groups of 4-10 people.

If you want to learn more, visit the Kaizen website. View training offerings, including a mobility membership that focuses on reducing pain and stiffness and improving flexibility. Drop in, call them at 201-546-1946, or fill out the request form on their website for the latest info.

Why not get a jump on your New Year’s resolution and set up some holiday training? Less stress, an improved mood, and a good attitude will make the holidays merry and bright for sure! Contact Kaizen Fitness now to get started.

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