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Two Bergen County Fitness Businesses Share How to Stay in Shape During the Pandemic!

The pandemic has affected the way that everything functions, from working to working out. All of a sudden, the classic ways to break a sweat from group fitness classes to hitting the gym were not available anymore. People are now continually adapting to stay active and that is no easy task! As the pandemic continues to unfold and safety measures are put into place, the fitness landscape is evolving to meet the needs of this new normal.

We are taking a look at two amazing Bergen County businesses that are bringing fitness, health, and well-being to people in unique ways so that everyone can stay happy and healthy during these times!

Truefit in Tenafly

We spoke to Lauren Kerin, co-owner and trainer at Truefit Gym in Tenafly to gain insight into how they are adapting to bring fitness to the community now. Truefit is a well-equipped gym centered on personal training, located on Piermont Road. The four owners are local personal trainers that came together with the goal of continuing to bring health and fitness to their local clients in a state-of-the-art facility. Truefit has been taking actionable steps to adapt and evolve throughout the pandemic to make fitness safe and accessible.

“The name of the game has been pivot, pivot, pivot!”

Lauren shared about Truefit’s commitment to finding creative ways for people to stay in shape as the pandemic unfolded.

For Lauren, it has been very important to keep a sense of community and to focus on total body wellness, especially during the pandemic.

“It was difficult because gyms had to close when the service they provide is needed the most, community and exercise are integral to physical and mental health. It is all a part of the bigger picture of wellbeing. Especially during a pandemic, exercise is so important for building up immunity and staying healthy.”

During the full lockdown period of COVID, Truefit shifted entirely to Zoom, with personal trainers at the gym offering their clients at-home training options. In June, Truefit was able to reopen with the proper safety precautions in place. They have private rooms for training sessions and they have separated the main gym area into four pods with plastic barriers so that four people can use the main space in a distanced manner.

They also had an outdoor training space over the summer and into the fall, which will be reintroduced as the weather warms up. Truefit is now offering a mix of Zoom workouts through personal trainers or 1:1 sessions at the adapted gym. The two alternatives ensure that there is an option for everyone!

Lauren herself teaches two incredible sounding Zoom classes that are sure to get you sweating! She offers her “Butt and Gut” class, an intense workout focusing on the abs and glutes which is very important for back health and posture. This class a great way to keep those muscles active in our much more sedentary times while working from home. Another class she offers weekly is “Cardio Kickboxing”, a fun, fast-paced, total body workout designed to keep you in shape.

Lauren is so passionate about the mission of Truefit sharing:

“At Truefit we are all determined to continue to provide health and wellness when it is needed most.”

Whether you join in person or over Zoom, the infectious energy of the Truefit trainers in Tenafly is sure to re-energize you and get you moving!

Truefit Deals

1-week Free Trial for New Members

10$ Drop-in fee for the day

Address: 145 Piermont Rd, Tenafly, NJ 07670

Phone: (201) 627-8222

BambooMoves Yoga in Englewood

BambooMoves is a welcoming community for people of all backgrounds to train their body, mind, and spirit through yoga. They provide the perfect place to empty your mind and strengthen your body. The Regular practice of Yoga naturally reduces stress and anxiety and improves your overall well-being, which is absolutely essential now with all of the stresses of the pandemic.

BambooMoves offers a mixture of online and in-person classes right now. The online classes are held on Zoom and live-streamed from inside the studio to give participants the ambiance of the in-person class (minus the incenses of course!). The in-person classes are limited capacity and you must reserve your spot online in advance. The class participants are properly distanced in the space and the room is sanitized in between every class.

BambooMoves offers a variety of unique yoga classes taught by dedicated teachers. With the many classes they offer, there is room for a class in anyone’s schedule! You can check out their full class schedule here.

We recommend trying Erin Loscalzo’s Gentle Warrior class if you need to relax and recharge. Dena Isle’s Vinyasa Flow class is also great if you want to get your blood pumping! You really can’t go wrong with any class you choose at BambooMoves, they all leave you feeling peaceful and stretched out.

BambooMoves Deals

NEW STUDENT SPECIAL: 30 days of Unlimited Yoga for $45

Buy More, Save More:

5-Class Pack $95

10-Class Pack $175

Address: 12 Engle St #300, Englewood

Phone: (201) 871-7000

Whether you are working out in your home, outside, or at a reopened facility with safety precautions, the important thing is to do it and keep it up. Staying focused on your physical health will help propel it while we are still staying less active as a community, and it will benefit your mental health to help you get through these tough times more easily. Try out these amazing local fitness spots to get started!

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