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Stacy Esser Group Offers Seminars and Scholarships to Young Women

Stacy Esser, team leader of Stacy Esser Group Realty (SEG) has been mentoring the Realtors® for many years as she built up a highly successful realty team. SEG Realty, part of Keller Williams, has been donating locally to the Young Women’s Scholarship fund for Bergen County’s Community Chest for some time, and decided this year that she wanted to do even more to empower girls. Esser came up with a two-fold plan to help foster leadership skills in high school students in the area.

Her group began by raising funds and was able to bank 18K to go towards scholarships. In addition, Esser put together a leadership workshop for young women to offer offer real-life skills. “I wanted to support these impressive young women by sharing with them some of the key foundational tools I teach and live in my own career and with my real estate team,” Esser said. “At my core, I believe that leadership is a skill like any other skill, and not simply something you are born with. Evidence of this can be found in our own SEG Realty team meetings where I train and coach on connection, motivation, discovery and ‘failing forward’. As the leader and founder of SEG Realty, top performing real estate team comprised of 20 passionate like-minded women in three Bergen County locations including Tenafly, Woodcliff Lake, Ridgewood, I wanted to pass this knowledge and experience on to young women still in high school who are thinking about their future plans.”

The leadership workshop idea was born long before the actual workshop took place. “As a female leader and entrepreneur,” Esser continued, “I have always believed that in order to be great, you need to be proactive and strategic along your learning path, and constantly be in discovery mode. Being in coaching for the last 10 years and going on to obtain several certifications like the John Maxwell Leadership Certification and the John Maxwell Youth Certification are two examples of my dedication to mastering the skill-building that must accompany someone dedicated to honing their craft.”

The workshop was created by curating and culling the tools and most valuable lessons that Esser believes are the foundation of being a successful leader. The next step was including her personal story into the workshop. “We believe in ‘failing forward’,” Esser explained. “For sure, my success has included too many to count ‘fail forwards’. I dug in and looked back in my own life in order to share stories to the 20 young women in the room that would help them connect my failures to some very big growth ‘a-ha’ moments, and to my grit and real vulnerability to learn from these and move forward. Ultimately, failing and learning from those mistakes, and making improvements and adjustments is how I got to where I am today running one of the most successful real estate teams and being in the top 1% of an industry where over 40 % of people fail.”

The workshop was a huge success and all of the young women in the room shared intimate and real feelings about what their version or impression of what successful leadership and bad leadership looks like and feels like. “Providing them a road map was the goal. It was heartfelt and inspiring for me and my colleagues Julia Dito and Jaclyn Chakonis to be part of such real and raw conversation from these amazing young women. The feedback that resonated most was that many of the young women expressed frustration as to why this content was not being taught in the schools. ‘They tell us to be good leaders, but they really don’t show or teach us how,’ one attendee said. This is very powerful stuff and motivation for me to ask the question and do more to empower young women.” For more information on how to apply for scholarships or find out when the next leadership workshop will be, contact Stacy Esser.

Stacy Esser

Founder, Stacy Esser Group Realty

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