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Renowned Chef Greg Stott Takes Over as Executive Chef at White Beeches

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Get to know the Chef of White Beeches Golf & Country Club!

Chef Greg Stott took over the position of Executive Chef the prestigious Haworth golf and country club in October 2021. Chef Stott started out his career as a pro golfer, so working at White Beeches is a great fit. He lives in town with his wife Dana and two daughters Madison and Taylor. “Working as a chef comes with long hours, so being able to live and work in the same town gives me more time to spend with my family,” Stott says. “I have almost no commute. Since summer has started, I have been able to stop over by the club pool to say hi when they come for a swim. Working at White Beeches has been a lot different from my other jobs at restaurants. Here, we have five dining venues, each with their own menus. Right now we are open seven days a week, so it’s really busy, and has offered me the opportunity to hone new skills.”

Encouraged by his daughter Madison to try out for Food Network’s acclaimed television show Chopped, Chef Stott was chosen to compete. “I had never done anything like that before, but I wanted to show my girls that you can do anything if you set your mind to it, and you should always be up for a challenge.” Stott was on a particularly tough episode with ingredients like foot soup, pork uterus, fuzzy squash, liquid kimchee, and swamp rat. Yes, giant semi-aqueous swamp rat. “I had never cooked nutria (rat), nor had I ever had any desire to do so. I wasn’t even sure what temperature you cook it to. So I ground it up and made it into meatballs.”

The road to becoming a chef took a circuitous path. After retiring from being a pro golfer, Chef Stott worked as stockbroker in New York City. “It was a good job in the beginning,” he recalled, “but then there was 9/11 and the stock market crash and things changed. It was no longer about the people; it was about the numbers. Everything was more automated and it wasn’t enjoyable anymore.” On his way home from work, he would stop by assorted markets in the city and pick up fresh ingredients. He would make nice meals for family and for his then fiancé Dana. On weekends, he would make meals that took all day to cook. “I was always creative,” Stott told me. “I liked art and drawing in high school. I always loved food. My parents would take us on vacations to Europe and introduce us to global fare. My mom also loved to cook and would take classes. I was surrounded by good food growing up.”

One Christmas he received a subtle hint from his mom in his Christmas stocking, a tradition that they continued as adults. “There was a postcard for the French Culinary Institute in NYC. That’s it—just the postcard. It got me thinking. The French Culinary Institute was walking distance to my apartment. I got back from my honeymoon, and a week later enrolled in classes. I was 33 at the time, and decided to embark on a new career path.”

Chef Stott graduated top of his class at the highly esteemed French Culinary Institute in New York City. While attending school, he was personally selected by renowned Chef André Soultner of the incomparable Lutece restaurant, to work at Café des Artistes, where he continued to hone his proficiency in the art of traditional French cuisine. After graduating culinary school, Chef Stott immediately began working at one of New York City's top Italian restaurants L'Impero, one of only 32 restaurants in NYC with a coveted three star rating from the New York Times, and winner of “Best New Restaurant in the US” by Food and Wine magazine. Two years later, he was tapped by restaurateur and celebrity Chef Scott Conant, to join the opening team of the highly acclaimed NYC restaurant Alto. Alto received three stars NY Times, two stars Michelin Guide rated, and was one of only two Italian restaurants to receive the coveted two star Michelin ranking in North America. After a short stint, Chef Stott was promoted to Sous Chef where he mastered his skills in the cuisine of northern Italy.

Chef Stott continued expanding his culinary prowess at some of New York City’s premiere dining establishments, then moved to New Jersey to start a family. He joined esteemed Chef/Owner Kevin Kohler at Café Panache in Ramsey, as Chef de Cuisine at the multi award-winning, fine dining establishment, where he was employed for several years. Chef Stott later worked at some of the area’s top dining destinations including Esty Street, in Park Ridge, St. Eve’s in Ho-Ho-Kus, and the historical landmark 76 House in Tappan, NY. Prior to his current job at White Beeches, Chef Stott was called upon to return to Café Panache as Executive Chef/ General Manger to fill the shoes of legendary Kevin Kohler upon his passing. He oversaw all daily operations of the kitchen and front-of-house, ensured a seamless transition, and upheld the highest of standards at the iconic, preeminent restaurant.

He is now bringing his culinary talents to White Beeches Golf & Country Club. If you are a member or a guest at White Beeches, you will have the opportunity to try his food, and maybe say hello.

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