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Outdoor Flea Market At MetLife Stadium

Every Saturday is your chance at getting some quality goods for great prices, or just get outdoors with your friends and have something to do, whatever your mojo is.

Hundreds of vendors line up every Saturday at MetLife Stadium providing merchandise, food, games, and free entertainment. The Meadowlands Flea Market has been around since 1991 and it looks like it will be around for another 30+ years.

Day spots for vendors start at $75/space, but they may also purchase monthly tickets as well. Vendors are responsible for their own tenants and canopies and must provide liability insurance if so.

Not all businesses are approved. If there are too many of the same businesses, or you are selling counterfeit items, you will not be approved.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell books, clothing, games, or food, the flea market at MetLife Stadium has a home for everyone, and it's filled with fun.

If you are looking to learn more about the market, click here for further details.

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