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How to Spend a Bergen County Snow Day

Who doesn't love snow? Well, it's not too great to drive in. But snow days? Snow days are always the best, especially when everyone is already working from home.

Check out this detailed list for ideas to make your snow day in Bergen County the best one ever.

Snowy Ideas

Here are a few fun snow ideas to enjoy (with or without kids!):

  1. Take a walk: It might be difficult to convince everyone to get geared up for a walk in the cold, but the change of scenery presented by all the familiar neighborhood sights being blanketed in snow is worth it!

  2. Snow Forts: Raid your cupboards for all those various containers you don't really use and pretend your yard is a giant sandbox, or better yet, a beach. Fun for kids or adults who want to channel their inner child!

  3. Snowball Fight: Nothing is more fun than shaping soft snow into snowballs and hurling them at your loved ones. Split up your family or roommates into teams and get slinging!

  4. Snowman Building Contest: Switch up your classic snowman building and make it a contest by seeing which family member or roommate can make the funniest snowman.

  5. Sledding: If you've got a hill, get out the sleds, container lids, air mattresses, or anything else that can take you whipping down the snow!

Looking for the Best Hills to Sled Down in Bergen County? Here are a few great local spots:

Atkins Glen Park

18 Laurel Hill Road, Park Ridge

The small hill in this park is a popular spot for sledding so expect a few other sledders unless you go early in the morning!

Citizens Park

Corner of Godwin and N. Monroe, Ridgewood

Another popular location for sledding. This adored sledding hill is a perfect slope for snowy fun.

Froggy Park

1 Foster Rd., Tenafly

One of the smaller hills on our list this hill is perfect for younger kids or anyone who prefers a more cautious sledding experience.

Crestwood Park

300 W. Crescent Ave, Allendale

This slope is located in the back of the park near the picnic area. This is a wide hill that has plenty of room for all to have some outdoor fun.

Knickerbocker Country Club

188 Knickerbocker Road

This less well-known hill is another tame and smaller slope good for little ones and cautious sledders.

Midland Park High School

250 Prospect St, Midland Park

Midland Park High School is home to a variety of good sledding hills from gentle to steep slopes.

Ramsey High School

256 East Main St., Ramsey

Ramsey High School’s front lawn is the perfect hill for sledding; a short but sweet slope.

Ridgefield Park High School

1 Ozzie Nelson Drive, Ridgefield Park

This high school has a long and bumpy hill that makes for an adventurous sledding experience.

Thomas Jefferson Middle School

35-01 Morlot Ave, Fair Lawn

This middle school has a sweet sledding spot with a nice hill that has two big bumps for maximum fun.

Maybe you want to stay warm and indoors on the next snow day. Don’t worry, we have you covered too! Here are our suggestions for cozy indoor fun.

Indoor Activities

  1. Get Your Bake On: There is something about snow days that turn on everyone’s sweet tooth. Try a new recipe, maybe these reduced-fat sugar cookies for guilt-free fun.

  2. Movie Night: Snuggle up under the covers and put on your favorite film for some cozy snow day fun. We recommend When Harry Met Sally, a classic romantic comedy that was actually filmed in Bergen County!

  3. Virtual Museum Visit: Although you may not be able to go in person, you can still spend the day learning! Many museums are hosting virtual visits due to the pandemic, and this makes it available even on the snowiest days. Our Pick: The Hoboken History Museum, which has virtual visits and artists talks.

  4. Get Crafty: Whether it’s starting a new painting or just coloring in some fun coloring sheet printouts, snow days are the perfect time to get creative. Watch the snowfall while you make something beautiful!

  5. At-Home Spa Day: Unwind and relax in your own home by having a spa day. Light a scented candle, play some relaxing music and pamper yourself with a face mask. Don’t have one on hand? You can whip one up in the kitchen with these DIY face masks recipes.

However you choose to spend your snow day in Bergen County, we hope that it is cozy and fun!

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