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Englewood Council Re-Opening Discussion of Weed Sales

Englewood Council Re-Opening Discussion of Weed Sales

Officials in Englewood, New Jersey, are considering allowing retail marijuana sales, two years after the City Council voted to ban all cannabis businesses. Although no formal proposal has been made, council members are researching cannabis ordinances from other communities and studying current permitted cannabis businesses in the state.

The previous council passed an ordinance banning all sales in the city in 2021, but Mayor Michael Wildes vetoed the measure, and the current panel, which includes two new members, is willing to reconsider.

Wildes said he would like to see an ordinance allowing both recreational and medicinal sales in parts of the city, as several neighboring communities have already opened dispensaries in the past two years.

Some council members have expressed concerns, however, such as Ward 4 Councilman Kevin Wilson, who would not want any cannabis distributors near school zones and would like to see a program to educate local children about the risks of using the drug.

Councilman at Large Charles Cobb called for public input, including forums with local families and community leaders, to better understand the potential effects of allowing cannabis businesses in the city.

The previous council had a committee that made suggestions about cannabis in the city, and it will now suggest options for deploying an effective plan, according to Wildes.

As the discussion continues, it remains to be seen whether Englewood will join other municipalities in allowing marijuana businesses within its borders.

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