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Callahan's Comeback: Iconic Hot Dog Haven Set to Make a Sizzling Return to Bergen County

Callahan's Fort Lee

Callahan's, the legendary hot dog haven that originated almost 75 years ago in Fort Lee, has had its ups and downs, but it's making a triumphant comeback. After an eight-year closure, the founder's grandson, Daniel DeMiglio, brought Callahan's back to life, first as a food truck, and then as a vibrant storefront in Norwood. Unfortunately, it closed again during the COVID pandemic. However, DeMiglio has exciting plans to open a new Callahan's location in Bergen County this summer.

While DeMiglio is keeping the exact location of the new store under wraps for now, he promises plenty of surprises, including brand new trucks and other exciting additions. In 2014, DeMiglio revived Callahan's as a food truck business, and in 2015, he opened the lively, memorabilia-filled 800-square-foot store in Norwood. The store's opening attracted eager fans, some of whom camped out overnight to ensure they'd be among the first to bite into a nostalgic Callahan's hot dog. The Callahan's trucks continue to cater events, pop-ups, and festivals.

The Norwood location closed in 2020 due to major road construction that significantly impacted earnings, as well as the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the restaurant industry. DeMiglio had previously planned to open a new Callahan's near The Modern in Fort Lee, but the pandemic's ongoing severity forced him to abandon that plan.

Recently appointed vice president of the New Jersey Food Truck Association, DeMiglio is developing a fresh concept for Callahan's that he hopes to expand across the area. He's also working on a television show set to begin filming when the new Callahan's location opens.

With features on the Food Network and Travel Channel, as well as numerous awards to its name, Callahan's is gearing up to once again delight hot dog lovers in Bergen County. Stay tuned for the grand return of this cherished hot dog institution!

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