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Brother and Sister Duo to Launch Eatery in Haworth

rugile's kitchen

A new neighborhood eatery, Rugile's Kitchen created by siblings who are evolving their custom meals business, is coming to Haworth. on March 1st.

Monique and James Rugile are a brother-sister duo who share a passion for crafting exceptional cuisine for clients, friends, and family.

Their love for being in the kitchen started long before they donned chef's uniforms, with nearly 40 years of combined experience.

Their mother instilled the value of the family dinner table, and they aspire to provide that same experience through their dishes – a chance to come together as a family.

As siblings with individual styles, they naturally have a bit of friendly competition, but their unique approaches to cooking harmonize with one another.

The Rugile team aims to provide "feel-good food" that prioritizes quality ingredients, meticulous preparation, and harmonious flavors. Expect a diverse menu of burgers, bowls, salads, smoothies, and other delectable options.

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