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Free Dog Training Tips in Fort Lee

Do you have a dog who has housebreaking problems? Does your puppy have destructive behavior, chewing everything, teething, barking, and just causing all sorts of problems? Has your dog shown signs of aggression, whether it be towards you, other people, or other dogs? Is your dog fearful of one or many things? Does your dog show signs of separation anxiety?

Not for long! Join Trainer Brett Shelby for Various Dog Training Tips and Q&A, every first Saturday of each month at 11 AM. This is an amazing opportunity to see a trainer in action, in a dog park setting - for FREE!

Brett Shelby is a second-generation expert dog trainer, his father was a professional for over 25 years who volunteered for Search and Rescue groups, joined the Sheriff’s dept. for the K-9 unit, and wrote 2 books (Michelle and Me / Dog Training Diaries) on dog training. Brett was raised training more than just his own dogs. He trained hundreds of dogs of all different breeds, ages, temperaments, and issues. When his father retired, he happily took over the family business. 15 years later, Brett continues to relay his expertise to humans and dogs.

Shelby’s philosophy is based on each dog being unique and needing unique training.

Dogs are like our children, they are all a little different. I am the same breed as my two sisters but I guarantee you that we are all different individuals. It is because of this that I do not follow some cookie-cutter routine but rather diversify my style and approach based on the dog and owner’s needs. We figure out what is best for everyone involved.” - Brian Shelby

Here’s one of Shelby’s top dog training tips on responding to excessive jumping:

How to Respond to Jumping? When dogs jump and invade your personal space step in and invade theirs. No using knees or kicking, just step into them until they get off. State a simple "thanks" and then go back to what you were doing before. Remember not to show attention while they jump or right after you get them off, otherwise, that will reward the jumping.

Learn more about Brett and his work with animals at Check back for schedule changes and weather updates on his site as well. We hope you have a “pawesome” time at the dog park with Brett!

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